Stimulearnig has won a prize for Best Project in «2010 HP Innovations in Education Worldwide Summit»

Stimulating Learning in Engineering Students by Collaborative Entrepreneurship Training

Context: Higher Education
Disciplines/Subject Areas: Telecommunications Engineering
University of Aveiro,
Dept. Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics
Aveiro, Portugal
A. Manuel de Oliveira Duarte

Project Abstract:

The project aims to promote improved learning and entrepreneurial spirit among engineering students by resorting to the simulation of real world business cases in a collaborative mobile digital environment. This project implements project-based learning combined with an interactive entrepreneurial atmosphere where several industry professionals participate, helping students to create real world business cases, with different teams playing the roles of competing companies in a marketplace.


Changes to Instruction from HP Grant

The critical tools for success in this game are team work, the dynamic graphical and collaborative features of tablet PC's together with a sound command of networking fundamentals: enabling technologies and services, business models, market structure, relevant players, consumer trends, environmental constraints, etc .


Measurement Methods Used

  • Development of students competence in project-based learning activities

    The number of collaboration projects with enterprises achieved  during the last 6 months has increased twofold, enabling students to apply classroom knowledge to real-world business cases. This outcome has also had impact in terms of final project evaluation – grades and quality of final project applicability.
  • Enhancement of students motivation

    The degree of students autonomy and their ability to actively search and create new knowledge when involved in collaboration projects with enterprises has increased dramatically, has demonstrated by the obtained grades.


Key Outcomes and Evidence

Stimulating entrepreneurial spirit among students, and resorting to the simulation of real world business cases in a collaborative mobile digital environment, introduces an innovative path in higher education, and can impact very positively upon students motivation and professional outcomes.

This has also been recognised by several scientific fora:

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Members of Stimulearning in action